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大漢設計的設計總監是誰? 徐世萃董事長






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Company Profile

     Located in Taipei, Taiwan, Da Han Design is a landscape design and engineering company that creates high-quality living environments by promoting urban greening ambiance. 

     With a team of management, design, and engineering veterans, we have accomplished numerous eco-friendly projects at the highest construction and service standards since our foundation in 1987. Throughout our 33 years’ journey, we continue to commit to building desired green lands for every customer while contributing to the earth ecology. 

     Landscape design is not merely about beautifying the environment, but more importantly, it is for establishing a brand-new lifestyle. Cozy gardens can purify the air and gorgeous views can ease people’s physical and mental pressure. By creating pleasant landscape designs, we help decorate the cities and elevate people’s living qualities.

     Our business scope includes but not limited to design and construction for neighborhoods’ open spaces, commercial spaces, hotel landscape, and Villa courtyards landscape.

     With the power of design, we hope to broaden people’s imagination for living spaces and render aesthetical influences in this busy modern world. We color blank spaces with landscapes and plantations, we construct green cities with picturesque designs, and hence we touch every heart that longs for beauty with our sincere reverence towards nature. 

     Our design team is composed of an experienced design director and a group of creative young designers. We devote ourselves in every case with professional designs, ample unique ideas, and vigorous energy. Our projects not only locate in Taipei and New Taipei City, but also cover Kaohsiung, Pingtung, Tainan, and Taitung. 

大漢設計公司汐止花園 戶外花圃景觀設計
最美公司環境 戶外花圃景觀設計
大漢設計工程公司環境最美景觀公司環境 汐止花圃 
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佳作(子公司 俊星企業





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